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Cole's First Amazing Race

After weeks of hype on Cole's website and a few changes of the start date, Cole's First Amazing Race was held last weekend at our house. It was modeled after Matt's day-long five-borough scavenger hunt.  This year Cole got to sit at a checkpoint in Manhattan and watched teams of Matt's friends sprint up to us to get the next clue, try to quickly solve it, then sprint away to the next location.  He was inspired to make his own race and started planning the race on his own, making proclamations randomly about what he wanted to do.

I helped Cole make the clues but Cole had a vision for the race and he was quick to reject many of my suggestions because they did not meet his vision.  He did a lot of the work on the clues and chose all of the locations himself.  The date of the race was arbitrarily chosen as August 12th and it took a lot of convincing to get him to agree to August 5th, the only day Matt was free to participate.  Cole also invited everyone he met: neighborhoo…

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