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Elioak Farm x 2

We went to Elioak Farm two weekends in a row.  The first weekend we went with Reed and Sean.  It was a perfect fall day.  The second weekend we went with both grandmothers and it was so hot it felt like July.  Both times the boys had a great time despite saying they didn't want to go.

Both times we did this rock collecting thing where you're given a bucket of gems mixed in sand and you used a "stream" to find the gems.  The kids loved it.

Despite looking annoyed, Cole asked me to take this photo of him and the sleeping goat.

Cole also asked me to take a picture of him while he sat on the bench with a goat under it.  Once he knew what was happening, Wes wanted in on the photo too.

 I swear the kids had a good time, just not in any of my photos.

More excavating, this time in the summery weather.

Classic grandma photo

Cole doing a dab on a rainbow.

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